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The Sideline Store program was created to give every school the opportunity to connect and share with fans, and to provide a no-risk source of funding for their athletic departments, clubs, and other programs.

This custom platform was built to give fans the ability to purchase customized, branded, print-on-demand apparel and accessories, while reducing the overhead required for a traditional e-commerce store for high schools, colleges, clubs and other organizations.


  1. 24/7 Sales Purchase Platform
  2. Incremental Revenue & Profits to schools
  3. Items personalized one at a time
  4. No Customer order minimums
  5. Multiple Sport and Department Logos
  6. No inventory risk to your school
  7. Buy one of anything
  8. Increased Brand Awareness
  9. National Sales Force
  10. Fast and Easy set up
  11. Minimum time and effort for school


For more information about setting up a Sideline Store for your organization, contact your BSN Sports Sales Representative:

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